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Reseinfo COVID Sri Lanka

Dear Partners,

Greetings from Sri Lanka!

Hope all is well with you and your family!!

As you may be aware, in Sri Lanka, as a key contributor to country’s economy, the Tourism Industry serves multiple purposes. In addition to that being the third largest foreign exchange earner to the country, a large number of direct and indirect employment opportunities are created by tourism, while also facilitating inflow of foreign direct investments to the country. Given the importance of this sector to the national economy of Sri Lanka, it is paramount that we resume tourism activities at the earliest, by ensuring necessary health and safety protocols and procedures are in place.

With the global recognition Sri Lanka gained by effectively managing and controlling the spread of the COVID-19 virus within the country, already there are inquiries from potential travelers and tour groups. While welcoming such gesture of good faith placed in our country by tourists, we realize the importance of implementing planned, organized and well-structured health protocols when resuming tourism in the country, so as to ensure the safety and good health of our guests, all industry stakeholders and the general public.

To achieve the above objective, the Sri Lanka Tourism presents the attached document which provides the tourism operational guidelines to be followed by the stakeholders in all areas of tourism. The Sri Lanka Tourism, in line with the guidance received from the Ministry of Health (MoH) and World Health Organization (WHO), have ensured the right measures are adopted to minimize chances of re-entry and/or spreading of the COVID-19 virus within the country and to implement them in a way that avoids unnecessary inconvenience to tourists and industry stakeholders.

In developing this guideline, the Sri Lanka Tourism also obtained valuable inputs and feedback from all relevant tourism stakeholders, associations, and individuals. The guideline provides the road map with key criteria and steps for ‘Safe and Secure’ restoration of tourism activities amidst the presence of COVID-19. The guideline and the procedures here in are intended to enhance cleanliness and hygiene practices of tourism related venues, services and individuals, where physical distancing, viral infection prevention and controls were considered as key elements in developing the required health protocols.

Hope the above finds you well. Please revert if you have any further clarifications.

Have a good day!

Stay safe!

Thanks & best regards – ERAN

Assistant Manager – Jetwing Travels (Pvt) Ltd


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Varför är Sri Lanka en topp IT-partner?

Företagare frågar mig ofta vad som gör Sri Lanka till en topp teknisk partner.

Här är fyra huvudskäl:

Våra samarbetspartners har lång erfarenhet och har bistått många svenska kunder att etablera sina lokala team med dedikerade mjukvaruutvecklare på Sri Lanka.

Deras tjänster omfattar rekrytering (om de inte har lediga utvecklare som möter dina behov), urval, anställning, onboarding, prestationshantering, regelbundna kompensationsgranskningar, utbildning och utveckling samt exitadministration. Som sagt, du är den som väljer utvecklarna för ditt team och du är den som ska samarbeta med dem direkt med hjälp av de metoder och verktyg du föredrar.

Företagen som vi introducerar till dig är medelstora med hög standard – de bygger realistiska förväntningar och hjälper dig att nå dina mål effektivt. Du kommer alltid att vara en prioriterad kund och har direktaccess till ledningen.

Du kan börja med att engagera en juniorutvecklare eller direkt bygga upp ett team av fem medel- eller seniorutvecklare det är allt upp till dig.

Sri Lanka är känt för sin låga personalomsättning. Vi kan berätta om goda exempel där samma team har arbetat med samma kund i 10 år.

Kontakta leif.ohlson@bestofsrilanka.se för mer information

How to rise after a terrorist attack?

The dead are still counted, the screams of the injured are still heard and the tears are not dried yet.
Easter’s terrorist attack on Sri Lanka is probably one of the deadliest since 9/11 in the United States. How will a country that Sri Lanka be able to rise again? A country that has suffered a nearly 30-year civil war, a tsunami and now this. The immediate effects on the economy are already reported.
After contact with tour operators and hotels in Sri Lanka, it is estimated that a 50% decline in tourism is likely. First and foremost, the tourists who have future trips cancel in May and June, but also the winter season. In addition to this, the absence of new bookings. Of course, the tourists will return – but only after the security is perceived as significantly improved. The number of Swedes visiting Sri Lanka is about 28,000 per year and the figure has risen steadily since the end of the war in 2009. Tourism is no. 3 in terms of export revenues. Several large hotel projects are underway and planned. Several airlines have started new routes to Colombo.
Sweden and Sri Lanka have long had strong ties. The people of Sri Lanka are still grateful for Skanska and Kotmale, the hydro power plant dam, which is an important part of the country’s power supply. Companies such as Trelleborg, Tailorstore, H&M, Oriflame, Nelly.com, Blåkläder, IFS and Cambio Healthcare have found that Sri Lanka is a good trading partner and supplier for them. Sri Lanka’s geographical location has also made more and more people discover the country as a regional hub. Thanks to free trade agreements with many countries in the rapidly growing region, Sri Lanka can be a bridge to an expansion also for medium-sized Swedish companies.
The terrorist attacks on Easter Day do not change the Sri Lankan’s location in the region, but the political system and business life are subjected to tremendous stress. There is, of course, a legitimate concern for what can come out of this. Positive and strengthening is that the message from the Swedish business community is that now more than ever we need to be there and support. Sri Lanka will come back. Swedish tourists will once again meet fantastic nature experiences and friendly smiles. Sri Lankan IT developers, talented tailors, factory workers and many other well-educated employees in Swedish-owned companies will continue to deliver quality.
Over the coming weeks, there have been several activities planned for a long time, where Swedish companies would have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of what Sri Lanka offers. None of these will be canceled.
We look forward to welcoming Sri Lankan companies to Sweden despite these difficult times.
The threat of terrorism is best met by not giving in.
The trade and meetings between people counteract the forces of evil.