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Sri Lanka showcased in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020

We are happy to share the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020 which was just released.

This report puts Sri Lanka’s startup community on a global stage. 

Sri Lanka’s results are exciting – 

  • Ranked as the #2 Global Ecosystem for Affordable Talent in 2020
  • The focus on technology and competitive Tech Talent are cited as the reasons a startup should move to Sri Lanka
  • Regional sub-sector strengths include E-commerce and Fintech

The report link ( will be live now.

Start-up community på Sri Lanka

Sri Lankas startup community växer stadigt och detta tack vare stöd från både privata sektorn, men även universitetsvärlden. Universitetet i Moratuwa är en de främsta akademiska institutionerna på Sri Lanka och utexaminerar många studenter varje år, som snabbt får arbete i IT-företagen.

”Organised by the Entrepreneurship Society of University of Moratuwa together with the University Business Linkage Cell, Mora Ventures is a program aimed at budding entrepreneurs completing their higher education at Sri Lankan Universities. The initiative is currently pursuing its ambitious goal of discovering Sri Lanka’s first USD 1 Billion Startup Unicorn by the year 2027. ”