Förenklad inresa till sri lanka för vaccinerade

Information på engelska om de senaste reglerna för inresa – det har blivit avsevärt lättare för vaccinerade att resa in – välkommen till Sri Lanka.

The Health Ministry of Sri Lanka has released a set of simplified regulations for travel in Sri Lanka;

Travellers (2 years and above) to carry a negative COVID-19 PCR test report and the original vaccination card (if applicable) in English, done within 72 hours prior to embarkation. 
Pre-infected Travellers (during past 3 months) to produce the above or a Rapid Antigen Report (in English) 48 hours prior to embarkation.

Procedure after formalities at the Airport


  1. Free to travel to the community WITHOUT any other tests or quarantine stays.

Unvaccinated Children of Vaccinated Parents

  1. Up to 12 Years: No further tests are needed.
  2. 12 – 18 Years: Day 1 PCR to be done at a Lab in Katunayake or Level 1 Safe & Secure Hotel before being allowed to go to the community.

Unvaccinated/ Partially Vaccinated

  1. Arrival PCR Test and undergo a 14-day bio-bubble travel in Level 1 Safe & Secure Hotels.
  2. Exit PCR Test/ RAT on Day 12 and be released on Day 14.

Unvaccinated Children of Unvaccinated/ Partially Vaccinated Parents

  1. Up to 12 Years: No tests are needed
  2. 12-18 Years: Protocol same as ’Unvaccinated/ Partially Vaccinated’ Parents.

Pre-infected travellers (within the past 3 months) and arriving with a single dose of vaccine taken 2 weeks after recovery.

  1. If arriving 14 days post-vaccination, the above protocol for ‘vaccinated’ will apply.
  2. If not fully vaccinated, should arrive after obtaining a single dose of Astra Zeneca/ Pfizer BioNTech/ Moderna Vaccine.
  3. If 14 days have not passed post-vaccination, protocols under ‘departed within less than two weeks post-vaccination’ will apply.
  4. Unvaccinated children, up to 18 years will be free to move to the community with their parents.

*For travellers departed within less than two weeks after completion of recommended doses of vaccination, protocols under ‘unvaccinated/ partially vaccinated’ will be applied until they complete Day 14 post-vaccination.

The above protocol will take place with immediate effect until 31 October 2021. This will be revised depending on the COVID-19 situation in the country and globally.