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Notera all vår kommunikation förutsätter att alla resenärer är fullvaccinerade. För ovaccinerade barn finns vissa specialregler –

Tips är att skriva ut allt underlag. 

Vad behövs för att besöka paradisön? 


Qatar har bäst förbindelser från Stockholm och landar flest gånger/dagen på Colombo flygplats. 

Från Göteborg fungerar Turkish och LOT väl via sina respektive hubbar. Sri Lankan är ett alternativ från Frankfurt eller Paris. 

För dem som använder Kastrup för att komma ut i världen är Qatar återigen det rekommenderade valet. 


sökes online

I värsta fall (eget slarv eller tekniska problem) går det att söka visum  on arrival.

Test före avresa och vaccinpass

Test behövs inte- Endast vaccinpasss skall uppvisas. 


fylls i online

I värsta fall eller tekniska problem – den går att lämna in i pappersformat.

Teckna den obligatoriska Covid-försäkringen

I värsta fall eller tekniska problem – den går att teckna på flygplatsen.


Flygbolagen skickar ut information vad som gäller, men de senaste resenärer som flög hem med Qatar behövde inget PCR-test. Detta förutsätter att de är svenska medborgare eller fast boende i Sverige. Även om resenären åker via Köpenhamn och tar ”landvägen” till Sverige behövs inte test. 

Mer info om Sri Lanka

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In response to the current changes in passenger travel dynamics, Airport and Aviation Services Limited (AASL) has taken the initiative to implement an Online COVID-19 Health Declaration System at the Bandaranaike International Airport. The primary goal of implementing this system is to minimize the use of physical form filling and start encouraging passengers to use an online platform, thereby limiting physical contact and passenger process time. Furthermore, because the Health Authorities will be able to receive passenger information ahead of time, they can monitor the passengers’ health records while lowering waiting times.

The system can be accessed via the following link on AASL website

01. Passengers must complete and submit the web application form by attaching the documents related to the health declaration – Vaccination card on the first and second doses. – A PCR test report must be completed within 72 hours of embarkation.

02. After submitting the online form, passengers will receive an email with a QR code.

03. Passengers’ information will be given to airport health officers before they arrive, and the information provided by the passengers will be reviewed.

04. Passengers who have completed their health declaration forms online should scan the QR code at the health declaration counter upon arrival. With the implementation of this pilot project at BIA, AASL expects to provide a convenient travel experience for its valued passengers, and after two weeks of testing, this service will be made widely available to benefit passengers arriving in Sri Lanka.

Networks produce cheap respirators

Researchers at Malmö University are part of an international network that produces drawings to be able to manufacture cheap respirators. The equipment will now be inspected and the hope is that it will be able to be used within two years.

A group of volunteers in various specialist areas, including dentists, doctors and engineers, have formed the LibreLabs platform. Covid-19 has shown the need to be able to help patients through the development of new technology. The purpose of the collaboration is to make medical technology accessible to all. The drawings can be downloaded for free.

  • The pandemic has shown that the lack of respirators is a problem in many parts of the world, for example in my home country Sri Lanka, says Manjula Herath, doctoral student at the Faculty of Dentistry.

Lives up to medical standard
Respirators help patients with breathing. The aim is to make a sustainable and affordable solution that is made available for production in low- and middle-income countries, where there is a significant shortage of respirators.

  • It’s not a field respirator. It will be a respirator that lives up to the medical technical European standard and that works for long-term use. We are not there yet, but that is our goal, says Manjula Herath.

Together with colleague Lisa Papia, senior lecturer and dental technician, he has developed a design for 3D prints of some of the key components found in a respirator. Researchers at Trinity College Dublin have contributed computer simulations. In total, about 15 researchers are included in the project.

Can be ready within two years

  • We produce the drawings and create files. Based on them, you should be able to make respirators yourself, says Lisa Papia.

A first prototype will undergo a quality assessment in London by an independent party to see if the equipment works as intended. Manjula Herath and Lisa Papia believe that this will be ready within six months. Changes will probably need to be made, and they consider it realistic that an approved respirator can be in place within two years.

  • To be able to get there, we need financing, which is something we work with, says Manjula Herath.

”A commercially manufactured respirator today costs around 10,000 dollars and we believe that ours can be manufactured for around a tenth of that cost,” he says.

Reseinfo COVID Sri Lanka

Dear Partners,

Greetings from Sri Lanka!

Hope all is well with you and your family!!

As you may be aware, in Sri Lanka, as a key contributor to country’s economy, the Tourism Industry serves multiple purposes. In addition to that being the third largest foreign exchange earner to the country, a large number of direct and indirect employment opportunities are created by tourism, while also facilitating inflow of foreign direct investments to the country. Given the importance of this sector to the national economy of Sri Lanka, it is paramount that we resume tourism activities at the earliest, by ensuring necessary health and safety protocols and procedures are in place.

With the global recognition Sri Lanka gained by effectively managing and controlling the spread of the COVID-19 virus within the country, already there are inquiries from potential travelers and tour groups. While welcoming such gesture of good faith placed in our country by tourists, we realize the importance of implementing planned, organized and well-structured health protocols when resuming tourism in the country, so as to ensure the safety and good health of our guests, all industry stakeholders and the general public.

To achieve the above objective, the Sri Lanka Tourism presents the attached document which provides the tourism operational guidelines to be followed by the stakeholders in all areas of tourism. The Sri Lanka Tourism, in line with the guidance received from the Ministry of Health (MoH) and World Health Organization (WHO), have ensured the right measures are adopted to minimize chances of re-entry and/or spreading of the COVID-19 virus within the country and to implement them in a way that avoids unnecessary inconvenience to tourists and industry stakeholders.

In developing this guideline, the Sri Lanka Tourism also obtained valuable inputs and feedback from all relevant tourism stakeholders, associations, and individuals. The guideline provides the road map with key criteria and steps for ‘Safe and Secure’ restoration of tourism activities amidst the presence of COVID-19. The guideline and the procedures here in are intended to enhance cleanliness and hygiene practices of tourism related venues, services and individuals, where physical distancing, viral infection prevention and controls were considered as key elements in developing the required health protocols.

Hope the above finds you well. Please revert if you have any further clarifications.

Have a good day!

Stay safe!

Thanks & best regards – ERAN

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