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Travel news market 5 november

Sweden-Sri Lanka Business Council (SSLBC) har omfattande kunskaper om Sri Lanka och förutsättningarna för att göra affärer med eller etablera sig på Sri Lanka. SSLBC har ett stort nätverk och ett gott renommé och genomför kontinuerligt aktiviteter i Sverige och på Sri Lanka för att stötta handelsutbytet mellan våra två länder. Turismen är viktig näringsgren inom detta utbyte. Vi bistår med kunskap och kontakter inför den kommande återstarten.

Dear travel industry colleagues.
Travel News Market will be held as planned November 5th, 2020. The development of the Covid – 19 pandemic in Sweden is going in a positive way so we decided to go through with this trade fair in a safe way. We believe that there is a great demand for restart the travel trade and start meeting each other again. Although this time in a safe way with the following instructions.

* Visitors must have pree-booked meetings
* Meetings must be sitting down
* Face mask is offered if needed
* Be restrictive with free-flow networking
* Mingle parties are not permitted

Swedes want to continue to travel to the sun and swim

From Travel News – google translation for your information.
For the fifth year in a row, the research firm Nordic Bench has analyzed our holiday habits. The Swedes are one of the world’s most traveling peoples and the recent years’ debate about flying combs has had little effect. ”Overall, the average Swede plans to make 3.7 domestic and 3.0 international trips in 2020, which is only 0.2 and 0.1 fewer than a year ago,” writes the Private Travel Barometer 2020.

The most common reason for traveling is sun and bath. Secondly, we want to visit a big city. Spain remains our favorite country.

SEK 50,421 is found in the budget for trips abroad according to the report. When it comes to the charter companies, TUI leads with 41 percent ahead of Ving 37 percent. Apollo is in third place with 29 percent. Several answers are possible to the question: ”Which of these tour operators can you expect to hire in 2020?”

But a large proportion of Swedes (32 per cent) may wish to travel on holiday without an organizer, according to the report.

Many people like to book their holiday well in advance, 38 percent do this three to six months before departure.

And when it comes to what makes a successful trip, food and drink is top notch followed by ”new experiences”.

All according to Nordic Bench’s Private Travel Barometer 2020.