Bra info från ett av reseföretagen på Sri Lanka

We wish to inform you that the following enhancements will be applicable for all COVID-19 insurance coverages purchased for travel to Sri Lanka. 

The Value of the insurance cover will be increased to USD 75,000 at the existing rate of USD 12 per person. More details on the coverage can be read on https://srilanka.travel/helloagain/documents/COVID-19Insured/enhanced-insurance-coverage-new.pdf 

The insurance cover can be purchased through this new website https://portal.pionline.lk/covidinsurance  prior to arrival in the country or upon arrival. We recommend our guests do this prior to arrival for more convenience.

This COVID-19 insurance coverage is not required to board a flight but upon landing in Sri Lanka if the guest is not carrying the COVID-19 insurance coverage, it is mandatory to obtain it before leaving the airport grounds to start your tour.