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UX Design Trends in 2020

With the dawn of 2020, we decided to take a step back and look at the past ten years to visualize what this year and the future hands instore for us. During this time the internet has truly changed and reshaped how we interact and coexist with technology in our everyday life. We have witnessed change and seen the reign of mobile, the introduction of a chatbot, AR and VR. As breakthrough as all of these new technologies have been, we certainly cannot dismiss the role design trends played in the transformations. UX design trends over the last 10 years show no sign of slowing down and cruising, instead it’s always reinventing and innovating new ways to elevate their experiences for the users.

As designers, we haven’t always been receptive to the waves of changes, especially if it challenges our roles as designers and creative problem-solvers. Change, however, is one of the most challenging and satisfying aspects of a career in design and thus UX design for 2020 will focus not only on design being implemented into all areas of businesses, but it will also take on more mature role by intergrading cross functionality, inclusivity and specialization throughout the entire process. It’s safe to say the role of UX design will be huge in 2020, especially for Web Development in Sri Lanka, as we continue to witness aesthetics and technology come together like never before. In this article we will look at five design trends that we predict will have a significant role to play in the year 2020.

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