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How AR & 3D Could Tackle the Drop-down in Retail Sales

LIveroom i Colombo, Sri Lanka är ett mindre men mycket kunnigt företag som vi gärna rekommenderar. Kontakta för mer information om dem. Vi delar även deras nyhetsbrev här.

Brief insight about how Augmented and Virtual realities could save eCommerce
COVID 19 global pandemic has brought down the number of people gathering to a specific place from, millions to hundreds. Even though many countries and major cities nowadays are opened after the lockdown, the people’s interaction and gatherings are limited to a greater extent. 
This pandemic situation has made a drastic change to peoples’ buying behaviours and has accelerated in e-commerce as customers spin to online shopping. However, according to statistics, the furniture, kitchenware, clothes, accessories, and buying behaviours of many other luxury goods has fallen to some extent. This is a challenge for retailers, but technology can help to lift this. For that, the great solution lies in e-commerce with immersive technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D. 

According to Vertebrae, with COVID-19, retailers who use  AR are having a 19% spike in customer engagement, and the conversion rate of customers has been increased by 90% compared to those who don’t experience AR. 

3D and AR shopping experiences are more convenient right now as they designed for mobile devices. These 3D and AR supported e-commerce platforms act as a tool that can be used to view product portfolios in 3D, and AR which will provide a closer virtual experience for the buyers in justifying their buying decisions. 

e-commerce with Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D Technology is increasing customer satisfaction as they can try before they buy as it gives an immersive real-time experience of the product they purchase. This can even make the AR shopping experience more personalized by providing real-time feedback. Thus, it uplifts the growth of sales.

Stay tuned with OGMO, LiveRoom’s cloud-based platform specially developed for eCommerce, enabling consumers to visualize the products they buy through 3D and Augmented Reality.  Log in to for more news and updates.


We are excited to announce that WeAreTheFractals have entered into a strategic partership with Sri Lankan software developing powerhouse Liveroom. Our story with Sri Lanka started about a year ago and was brokered by our friends at Best Of Sri Lanka. WATF and Liveroom have collaborated on a number of projects and are continuously strengthening the ties between Colombo and Stockholm.

”We see a super-strong win-win in this partnership. Combining the design skills and customer base of WATF with Liveroom’s world class programmers will put both companies at the absolute peak of price/performance and quality in the competitive and rapidly changing fields of AR, VR and AI.” says WATF CEO Mattias Söderholm.