London’s leading precision nutrition service goes Mobile!

The backstory 

Over a year ago, Fresh Fitness Food (FFF), introduced its web platform to the market. Now, FFF is kicking off 2021 with a brand new mobile app, live and ready to download!

For those unfamiliar with the brand, FFF Fresh Fitness Food (FFF) combines precision nutrition with convenience, by offering individualized meals, cooked, and delivered to your door, daily. In a market brimming with generic healthy meal providers, what sets FFF apart is its ability to individually tailor meals to every customer, taking into account their nutritional needs, health goals, allergies, and food preferences. Selecting appropriate meals per customer, then preparing and sizing them to suit individual nutritional requirements is daunting enough – but to do this at scale, particularly at the scale at which FFF operates at, is extremely complex. Currently, FFF delivers more than 70,000 meals per month in London and the suburbs. 

This is largely made possible through the end-to-end web-platform that Calcey developed for FFF to manage its entire business. This mini-ERP manages FFF’s complete workflow from customer sign-up and automates meal planning to ensure that users receive the exact nutrition they need each day. It even helps FFF manage cooking manifests and deliveries. Upon launching the solution FFF realized an immediate 14% improvement in gross margins. 

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