What an actual Great Place To Work looks like.

What makes a company a great place to work? The question may prompt varying answers depending on your own expectations. But a common understanding is that for a work environment to be a “great place”, it comes down to how accommodating a company is to its employees and the business it’s in. Contributing factors often include culture, great pay, ease of communication, having the right support structure, and a whole lot more. But for the likes of Calcey Technologies, a Great Place To Work goes far beyond a mere marketing tagline.

Back when Mangala Karunaratne set up Calcey, the idea was to replicate the Silicon Valley culture in Sri Lanka. This meant building a company with empowered people, flat management structure, pure meritocracy, the whole nine yards. “It’s been a culture that has been growing since 2002”, says Ishara Walpola, Head of HR at Calcey. Read more

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