För att underlätta och öka bekvämligheten för passagerare, som ankommer till Bandaranaike International Airport, inför Department of Immigration & Emigration från 1 januari 2023 följande rutiner;

Ankomstkorten måste fyllas i av utländska passinnehavare som anländer till landet och kan smidigt skickas in online.

Denna rutin kommer att gälla från och med 1 januari 2023.

Du skall fylla i information tre (3) dagar före resedatumet. Formuläret kan fyllas i på Immigrations- och emigrationsverkets hemsida via denna länk’#/home-page

Sri Lanka departure, arrival cards online for travellers

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Department of Immigration has opened a facility to fill embarkation cards online for tourists and departing domestic passengers online, a government statement said.

The facility is available via –

Sri Lankan citizens have to fill an embarkation card while departing the country.

Foreign visitors have to fill an arrival card.

The data can be filled up to three days before embarkation.

The online facility will reduce delays at the airport, a statement from the Government Information Department said. (Colombo/Dec29/2022)

Cheap Places to Travel 2023: Favorable Exchange Rates Make These Destinations Cheap Places to Travel | Condé Nast Traveler

Sri Lanka

1 USD = 365.65 SLR

The Sri Lankan rupee has slowly gotten more and more favorable over the past couple of decades, but it completely skyrocketed this past year (a dollar converted to 201 SLR in February, and now look where we are). We’re more excited than ever to explore this incredible island nation, where you can see leafy tea plantations, Buddhist temples, golden beaches, and elephant sanctuaries in one memorable trip.

Lonely Planet om vandringar

Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

Stairs leading to sunrise magic 
Start/end at Dalhousie; 9 miles (14km) round trip; more info

In world terms, this conical Sri Lankan mountain isn’t all that high at only 7360ft (2243m) – but don’t let its size fool you. It’s a punishing climb, favored by pilgrims who come to see the Sri Pada, or sacred footprint, said to have been left by either Buddha, Shiva or Adam, depending on which religion you happen to belong to.

There are six possible routes to the top, and the one most often used by trekkers is the Hatton Trail, a steep uphill slog involving numerous stairs cut into the mountain. To get there in time for sunrise requires both an early start and a hand from the weather gods: Sri Lanka’s jungly terrain means the peak is (unfortunately) often enveloped in clouds. Yet with luck, at the top you’ll have a memorable view encompassing the island’s westsouth and east coasts.

Mirissa – Concept La Mer

I samband med senaste besöket i Mirissa träffade vi på Michael Svensson .

Michael har rötterna i Jönköping och skulle snart öppna restaurangen Concept La Mer i Mirissa.

Ser fram emot att besöka Concept La Mer nästa gång vi kommer söderut. Lycka till Michael! Sri Lanka behöver fler entreprenörer som tror och satsar på landet.

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